Hello! We are CANTALOUPE, a young, interdisciplinary team consisting of 3D artists, engineers and software developers. Our core competencies include the development of pipelines in 3D media production for vehicle configurators, VR- and AR- applications as well as the creation of high- and lowpoly-content for 3D- visualizations, serious gaming and real-time training & simulation environments.

What are you looking for?

If you are looking for an experienced partner to support your team, optimize your technologies, reduce your costs, optimize your processes: CANTALOUPE is your partner – flexible, fast and resilient!


The visualization of products in high-end quality down to the last detail removes the boundaries between reality and virtual reality. Our team of artists, developers and engineers work with you in a collaborative process to develop 3D, VR and AR applications, games and integrated products.


We develop every asset according to your specification and do not sell models from other providers! This is the only way to ensure the consistency of the sophisticated visual and technical quality. Our products are characterized by highest quality and easy integration.


We specialize in creating software and assets for real-time engines. Knowing exactly what it takes to make your idea work & look right in an interactive virtual world. Our workflows & QA are continuously refined, we can work within our customers’ existing pipelines or help develop a new one.


Whether you need to add functionality to your current software and production pipeline, simplify data exchange between different programs, or automate recurring workflows. Together with our team of experienced software developers, we develop solutions that are tailored to your specific needs.a

We are TISAX certified!

How can we help you

Our experience from many successful projects enables us to realistically plan delivery dates and capacity utilization. Adherence to promised deadlines and quality is our highest priority, because we know how dangerous delays of milestones can be for the success of a project.

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Innovation and ever current technology (or) cutting-edge technology. Join our team for an exciting and constantly evolving professional experience!

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