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Where Creativity Meets Technology.

We are a young, interdisciplinary team consisting of 3D artists, engineers and software developers. Our core competencies include the development of pipelines in 3D media production for vehicle configurators, VR- and AR- applications as well as the creation of high- and lowpoly-content for 3D- visualizations, serious gaming and real-time training & simulation environments.

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Unlock the Power of Military Training with Our realistic 3D Assets.

We create state-of-the-art military simulation environments and 3D models for training naval, air force and land forces. This ensures that our soldiers are prepared for the challenges of the modern battlefield and increases operational readiness and effectiveness.

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AMX 30 model with blueprints for box modelling

Variants & Options

Flexibility through customization

When it comes to tailoring your model, the possibilities are endless. Whether you think of unique destruction models, a variety of weapon options, or even a switchable camouflage net, we're here to make it happen.
Your vision, our expertise – the perfect partnership to bring your wildest ideas to life. Let's transform your model into a masterpiece of your own design!"

AMX 30 model with color overlay marking of all  articulatest part. The canion is green, the turret is blue. The Wheels an track orange/violet and all hatches market in red.

Articulated Parts

Unlocking the full potential of your models!

Our models come fully rigged with all the standard components you'd expect. From the detailed chain and wheels to the turret, complete with weapons and hatches for the driver, commander, and gunner – it's all there, ready to bring your models to life.

Don't settle for less. Elevate your simulation experience with the precision and attention to detail that only we can offer!

AMX 30 model with blueprints for box modelling

Sources & References

Discover the history of a tank, aircraft or vehicle.

In the world of military simulations, historical accuracy is the key to an immersive experience. Some vehicles have been in service for a very long time and have been visually modified through countless combat upgrades. 
Let us be your historical detectives. We meticulously research the rich background history of your chosen vehicle or aircraft, paving the way for customized simulation scenarios.

AMX 30 showing in 4 texture variants. From Left to right: IR Texture, Winter Camo, Desert Camo and standard summer Camo.

Realistic Textures

Versatile textures for diverse scenarios

Our models are designed to excel in a variety of scenarios. Whether you're simulating summer environments, navigating desert landscapes, or braving the icy challenges of snow-covered terrains, our models come equipped with a range of camouflage options included in the package.

AMX 30 showing 4 diffrent Textures of an PBR Texture Set. From Left to right: normal Map, ;etal mal, rough map and albedo map.

Material Options

Tailored materials for your engine

At our core, we adapt to your needs. Depending on your engine's specifications, we craft the perfect materials for your project.
For cutting-edge engines, we specialize in PBR (Physically Based Rendering) materials and textures. Whether it's Spec-Gloss or Metal-Rough, or even Normal Maps optimized for OpenGL or DirectX, we ensure your visuals are at the forefront of realism.

AMX 30 model show 4 LODs (Level of Detail)

Performance Optimization

Streamline models to your specification!

We go the extra mile to ensure our models are perfectly suited for your target platform/engine. One of the key aspects of this optimization is our creation of LOD levels (Level of Detail). These are crafted manually to maximize the quality.
Depending on your planned visibility needs, we take the initiative to reduce the polygon count for each LOD level. 

Realtime Assets

3D models for all areas of simulation.

Tailor our 3D models to meet your specific training needs, from different time periods to unique configurations and scenarios.
Our models are designed for easy integration into popular simulation platforms, reducing implementation time and ensuring a smooth training experience.

Databases & Scenarios

Train on military operations simulators.

Why Choose Our Simulation Solutions? Our team specializes in crafting realistic virtual terrains, urban landscapes, and combat scenarios, ensuring that your training exercises feel like the real deal.
Comprehensive Database Access a vast library of military assets, from vehicles and weaponry to personnel and equipment, all easily integrated into your simulations.


Drive Excellence in Automotive Media Production.

Rev up your marketing and customer engagement with our exceptional 2D and 3D Media Production services, specializing in car configurators,  beauty shots, and cutting-edge software development.

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BLENDER_300x300PX 2

TISAX® - ID LZ2MLF [Level 3 - Information with Very High Protection Needs]

Media Production

Drive excellence in automotive media production.

Rev up your marketing and customer engagement with our exceptional 2D and 3D Media Production services, specializing in car configurators, stunning beauty shots, and cutting-edge software development.

Realtime Content Creation

Unlock custom real-time content for car configurators

Elevate your car configurator experience to the next level with our cutting-edge custom real-time content. Say goodbye to generic options and hello to personalized perfection. Your dream car is just a click away.


Elevate your vision with technical 3D-visualization.

Whether you're an architect, engineer, designer, or innovator, we're here to transform your ideas into impressive visual experiences that defy the ordinary.

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Technical Visualizations

The right stage for your ideas!

In today's fast-paced world, understanding complex data and intricate systems is essential for success. That's where technical visualizations come into play. These dynamic tools transform complex information into clear, visually engaging presentations that enable you to make better decisions and communicate your ideas effectively.

Architecture Visualization

A picture is worth a thousand words!

In the world of architecture and design, there's no better way to bring your dreams to life than through architectural visualizations. These immersive, photorealistic representations transform your concepts into captivating, tangible experiences that captivate clients and stakeholders.

Medical Visualization

Make complex processes visible!

In the rapidly evolving field of healthcare, precision and clarity are paramount. That's where medical visualizations shine. These advanced tools are your key to unlocking a deeper understanding of complex medical data, promoting accurate diagnoses, and enhancing patient communication.


Visualization Pipelines and Training & Simulation Solutions.

Look no further! We specialize in creating software that empowers your business to soar above the competition.

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Unleash the Power of Visualization Pipelines and Training & Simulation Solutions with Us!

Welcome to your gateway to cutting-edge software development for immersive visual experiences and training solutions. Our expert team specializes in crafting dynamic and high-performance software tailored to your needs. Whether you're in the world of visualization pipelines or training and simulation, we're your trusted partner for transforming ideas into reality.

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Agile methodology empowers your team to adapt, collaborate, and deliver high-quality software faster than ever before. Stay ahead in today's dynamic tech landscape. 

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Clean Code

Unlock the Power of Clean Code Development! With our expert team, we craft software that's efficient, maintainable, and bug-free. Experience the joy of clean, elegant code. 

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Cost Effective

Boost Your ROI with Cost-Effective Software Development! Our team specializes in delivering high-quality solutions without breaking the bank. 

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Cutting-Edge Technology

We stay at the forefront of technology trends to ensure your software is always state-of-the-art.

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Our trailblazing team turns concepts into game-changing software, driving your success in the digital era.

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Our team is dedicated to delivering excellence at every stage, ensuring your software exceeds expectations.

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We understand that one size doesn't fit all. Our solutions are tailored to your unique requirements.

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Proven Expertise

With a track record of success in complex projects, we're your go-to source for innovative software solutions.

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